1956 Gibson ES-225T Sunburst


Very rare and beautiful Gibson ES-225T, manufactured in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, at the historic Gibson factory, in 1956.

It is historically important to understand the role of the "T" in the designation of certain Gibson guitars, in particular concerning the ES-225T which was the first hollow, semi-hollow electric guitar, manufactured by Gibson in Kalamazoo, from 1955/1956.

Extract from the Gibson catalog in 1958 where the Gibson ES-225T appears.

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The "T" in the name refers to the fact that the body of the guitar is thinner than traditional hollow-body guitars. This makes it lighter and easier to play, while still retaining the resonance and sound characteristic of hollow guitars.

In fact, the Gibson ES-225T paved the way for a series of other hollow electric guitar models that followed, such as the Gibson Byrdland, Gibson ES-350T, and ES-335. These guitars have become references in the world of music, particularly in jazz, blues and rock.

We can therefore consider the Gibson ES-225T as the mother of these models including the famous ES-330 and ES-335, notably used by BB King, Eric Clapton, Richie Blackmore, Alvin Lee or even Noel Gallagher to name a few. .

Thus, it contributed greatly to the history of Gibson, but also to that of the electric guitar in general, shaping the landscape of similar electric guitars that were played by many iconic guitarists over the decades.

And the additional feature of this guitar is the fact that it has 3 P-90 pickups. Indeed, two models were produced in the factory: the ES-225T with a P-90 pickup in the central position, and the ES-225TD with a P-90 pickup in the bridge position and one in the neck position.

This was modified a few years after its manufacture and therefore has 3 P-90 pickups. Indeed, no similar model existed in the factory, we can consider that this guitar filled the gap at Gibson, at that time, of a semi-hollow guitar with 3 microphones.

This model would then appear as an ES-5 with a semi-hollow body and a Florentine cutaway.

In short, a period modification, understandable and all the more interesting and rare thanks to these elements.

So, here for sale is a superb Gibson ES-225T Sunburst from 1956, considered the first year of production according to certain sources, which will delight passionate musicians and guitarists alike with its exceptional sound and playing comfort, as well as collectors. by its historical importance and its remarkable contribution to the evolution of the electric guitar and its artists.

Technical characteristics :

  • Top: Maple
  • Bottom : Maple
  • Sides: Maple
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Width at nut: 45.5 mm
  • Radius: 12"
  • Frets: 20 medium frets
  • Scale: 25.5" (625 mm)
  • Profile: C
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Microphones: 3x P90
  • Controls: 2x Volume / 2x Tone / 3-position switch: Microphone selection
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Year: 1956
  • Finish: Tobacco burst
  • Decorations: White inlay key markers
  • Details: Normal signs of wear given its age / Delivered in a contemporary case

Like all our instruments, this guitar has been fully checked and adjusted.

It has a very pleasant playing comfort which makes its playing very pleasant and attractive.

With a dynamic, powerful, well-defined, balanced, resonant sound, with good sustain, and with a very vintage grain, all offering a superb mojo to this guitar, which will surely delight all passionate musicians/guitarists and collectors .

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