SEIKO STX2 Chromatic Tuner

€16 €30

Auto chromatic tuner to clip onto the instrument.

For bass and guitar. 2 operating modes: SOLO & BAND to operate optimally in a quiet or noisy environment. Perfect readability even in the dark thanks to its backlighting. Easily removable, suitable for both left and right handed users.

- Mode: Automatic tuning

- Tuning range: A0 - C8

- Tuning precision: +- 1 hundredth

- Register change: A4 = 415Hz, 435Hz - 446HZ

- Other functions: Sensitivity modulation, Backlighting, Automatic power off, Register memorization

- Input method: Vibration sensor

- Power supply: CR2032 lithium battery

- Dimensions: 83.7 (L) x 26.1 (H) x 26.0 (D) mm

- Clip opening range: 25mm

- Weight: 50g (battery included)

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